1. firsttimeuser:

    Salon Noir by Anja Millen

  2. howtoseewithoutacamera:

    by Roger Schall

    The fire, ca. 1966

    (Source: greeneyes55)

  3. verocskakoschsartcorner:

    Collaboration painting in Luxemburg
    Acrylics on canvas.
    50 x 70 cm.
    April 2012
    ➤ Frank Shifreen: https://www.facebook.com/frankshifreen
    ➤ Verocska Kosch: https://www.facebook.com/verocska.koschy

  4. verocskakoschsartcorner:

    Lost in blue.
    acrylics and oil on wood panel
    40 x 50 cm.

  5. verocskakoschsartcorner:

    Forest of dancing trees
    Website: http://www.jeroenoosterhof.nl/

  6. verocskakoschsartcorner:

    …Wang Wusheng…
    “Rare rock in mist, taken at Heavenly Sea New Path, June 2004, 1 PM”

  7. verocskakoschsartcorner:

    …Fan Ho…
    Through The Mountains

    (Source: facebook.com)

  8. verocskakoschsartcorner:

    …Ferdinando Scianna…

  9. verocskakoschsartcorner:

    …Burt Glinn…
    INDIA. Kerala. 1965. Man crossing bridge with umbrella.

  10. verocskakoschsartcorner:

    …Henri Cartier-Bresson…
    SOVIET UNION. Russia. Leningrad. 1973.

  11. //…Kuniyoshi…//
    (1797 - 1861)
    Tsumagome: Abe no Yasuna and the Fox Kuzunoha Series; Sixty-nine Post Stations of the Kisokaido Road, 1852 - 1853.

    The nobleman Abe no Yasuna once rescued a fox by battling the hunter who had trapped it. The fox returned to visit him as a beautiful young lady named Kuzunoha in order to tend the wound he sustained in the fight. They married and had a child, but the couple’s son caught a glimpse of her true form so she decided to leave her family. Here, Kuzunoha appears in ghostly form as she changes back into a fox, her young son looking up at her curiously, tugging at the hem of her transparent robe. Her husband watches in surprise from between the sliding shoji screens, where she has written a farewell note on the paper. She smiles at him one last time before returning to her true nature.

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  12. //…Noriaki Yokosuka…//
    横須賀 功光
    web: http://www.emoninc.com/artist_01_ny.html

  13. //…Underwood & Underwood…//
    Kenyan woman holds her pet deer in Mombasa, 1909.

  14. //…Elliott Erwitt…//
    Bridgehampton, New York, 1990.

  15. latenebreuse:

    František Drtikol. Nude Study, n.d.

    (via earthrites)